What is an Italian wedding like?

In southern Italy, the wedding is a huge event for all the family. The focus of attention is on the best quality food and wine with that Italian attention to detail that makes an event so memorable. Usually a service will take place in the late afternoon as the heat of the day has passed and guests will travel to the reception venue. On arrival local sparkling wines or Champagne are served with an array of antipasti which can be selected to your budget and taste. A more formal sit down meal can then take place with a number of pasta or risotto 'primo piattos' as starters, followed by more substantial 'secondo' dishes of fish and meat. This can take place either inside or out depending on the weather. Speeches can be interspersed through the meal. It is usual to finish the meal after some music and dancing with a variety of desserts and cakes presented outside under the stars. No Italian wedding would be complete without dancing late into the night. Guests can either stay at the reception venue or be taken back to their hotels by registered taxi or bus services throughout the night. A truly fantastic experience!

Why shall I use a wedding planner?

Did you know that it takes a bride an average of 250 hours to plan her wedding? Wedding planners can help you have a fantastic day without of the hassle. Furthermore, using a wedding planner could actually save you some money because of their knowledge, expertise and negotiation power with suppliers.
So, if you use a wedding planner you will save money and you will have more time to spend together and enjoy your big day!

Why use The Italian Wedding Company?

We have been working in the region for the past 20 years and have tried and tested a huge range of service providers. It can be daunting trying to arrange a wedding in Italy especially if you are not a native speaker and you are arranging matters from abroad. We have worked with literally hundreds of venues in the south of Italy, particularly in Puglia and Amalfi coast and can give you honest and accurate advice on where best to have your wedding service and reception. We also have ongoing relationships with venues and services providers that ensures we get the highest level of service every time at a price that can't be beaten. Finally it should be said, we love what we do, and enjoy showing people just how amazing their wedding can be in this undiscovered region.

What do I do next?

Contact us, either in our offices in Italy, or call our UK number and we can start the conversation. We would love to spend time going through all the things that would make your dream wedding come true and helping with any information you may need. Once we have set out all the different options that fall within your budget we can move to planning dates, venues, numbers of guests and all the surrounding details of your big day. These details will then be drawn up into a clear working document setting out exactly what has been decided with a deposit to be paid in advance. We have to take a deposit to be able to book venues, staff, accommodation and transport. We will be in contact throughout the process by telephone and email and can arrange to meet with you in Puglia or on the Amalfi coast should you want to take a weekend to explore the different venues that are available. You can also meet Giorgia in the UK. Any changes that need to be made up to the last minute will be added to and amended on the working document so that everything is clear to all parties. Our aim is to make planning your wedding as fun and exciting as possible for you without a moments stress so that you can concentrate on having the perfect day.