Wedding Ceremony Couple

Wedding Ceremony Couple

We can arrange Catholic, Protestant and Civil Weddings, Blessings and Vows Renewal. We can assist you with all the details and legal requirements.

Catholic Wedding:

Catholic weddings are legally recognized in Italy. You will need to be wed in a Catholic church and we can assist you in finding the Church that best suits your needs. Fortunately Puglia is full of amazing churches and cathedrals, from the magnificent Cathedral in Bari to a secluded chapel in a private Masseria, we can help you find your perfect setting.

Protestant Wedding:

Protestant weddings are less regulated in Italy and this means you can be wed away from the formal Church setting should you wish. Some requirements will depend upon the vicar or pastor who will be conducting the ceremony and we can assist you in finding the right person and location for your wedding.

Civil Weddings:

Italian law requires civil weddings to be conducted in a certified Town Hall. These can be the most stunning buildings and a wonderfully romantic location to marry. All ceremonies will be in Italian but we are able to provide a translation service to non-Italian speakers.  In order to comply with the local by-laws you may need to be at the Town Hall a few days before the wedding to register your intention to marry. We can advise you on these requirements depending on where you plan to be married.

Vow Renewals and Blessings:

There are no restrictions on where or how you wish to renew your vows or to have your day blessed. Some religious venues may not allow some types of ceremony but Puglia has the most amazingly romantic settings to make your special day unforgettable.

Whilst some of the arrangements may seem complicated we can help you with each stage of the process. If you are a British national you may find the linked article and video from the UK Foreign Office website helpful click here as they set out the different legal requirements depending on your personal circumstances.